Shiji adquiere la plataforma líder de distribución de medios IcePortal

Mejore la conservación y distribución de contenido visual a múltiples canales para la industria hotelera, permitiendo a los clientes aumentar su capacidad de distribución mientras mantienen el control sobre los estándares de su marca.

Atlanta, Georgia, febrero 13, 2019 - Continuing a series of strategic acquisitions Shiji has announced they have successfully completed the acquisition of global media content management and distribution platform IcePortal.

With IcePortal, Shiji will improve the curation and distribution of visual content to multiple channels for the hospitality industry, enabling customers to increase their distribution capacity while maintaining control on their brand standards. Adding an important step to the digital transformation strategies in the industry.

"In our vision to connect the global business of the hospitality industry we see media content distribution as a critical part of the process. We have relied on third parties in the past but we believe that by integrating this function in our platform environment we can greatly increase service to the industry. Making global distribution of rates and availability, alongside media content a unified process," said Greg Berman COO Americas of Shiji Group.

IcePortal has become a leading platform in visual content management where hotels and resorts manage, curate and distribute their photos, videos and 360° tours. Over 50,000 hotels across the globe use this service to deliver their visual content to travelers via thousands of connected distribution channels.

"By joining the Shiji Group we have an enormous opportunity to grow infrastructure and service to our existing clients but also to the hundreds of thousands of hotels who aren't yet distributing their visual content through a global platform. It has been estimated that 82% of the internet content will be video by 2021, hence having a strong platform to manage and distribute visuals is critical to any brand's performance," said Henry Woodman, President of IcePortal.

IcePortal will integrate into the Shiji Group as a fully owned subsidiary and as a Shiji Group Brand.

Sobre IcePortal

IcePortal is a technology and marketing company that helps travel suppliers manage, curate and deliver their visuals to 1000s of online travel and travel-related websites - including major OTAs, GDSs, Wholesalers, Search Engines & Local Directories, and Social Networks. To find out more about IcePortal please visit

Acerca de Shiji Group

Shiji Group ofrece soluciones de software y servicios para los sectores de la hostelería, la restauración, el comercio minorista y el ocio. Soluciones que incluyen desde la gestión hotelera hasta sistemas de alimentación y venta al por menor, pasando por pasarelas de pago, tecnología contactless, gestión de datos y distribución online, entre otros.

Fundado en 1998 como proveedor de soluciones de red para hoteles, Shiji Group cuenta hoy con 4,000 empleados en más de 70 filiales y marcas, que dan servicio a más de 60,000 hoteles, 200,000 restaurantes y 400,000 puntos de venta.

With the benefit of investment partners such as Alibaba, Shiji develops a network of cloud technology platforms that facilitate data exchange by connecting businesses vertically and horizontally across related industries. The importance of cross-industry integration to connect all levels of the supply chain, from guests, to distributors and suppliers of all types is a critical part of our mission. Our goal is to facilitate the transition to fully integrated systems for our clients through a network of platforms that communicate securely and easily so our clients can focus on their core competencies of serving their customers and guests.


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