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Has Hotel Technology Lost Its Way? Getting Back on Track to Building the Ultimate Tech Stack

As hotels adopt more technology to create efficiencies and improve the guest experience, the hotel tech stack is growing into an unmanageable beast for many hotels. This is creating a complex web of challenges with integration, systems management, and data security.

Technology is meant to simplify and streamline hotel operations, not make things more difficult. Is the utopian vision of a fully integrated, cloud-based tech stack slipping away?

Whether you work in IT, operations, finance, or corporate office, you’ll want to join us for the next Shiji Buzz, when our panel of experts discusses how to design and build the ultimate tech stack.

  • What does the ultimate tech stack look like for hotels?
  • Are we evolving toward an integrated platform model, back to a hub & spoke model, or to something else?
  • What trends are you seeing that support this transition?

Our Speakers

Howard Phung
Director of Digital, Data & Technology at Pro-Invest Group

As the Director of Digital, Data & Technology at Pro-Invest Group, Howard stays at the forefront of industry trends, driving digital transformation and innovation. He passionately leverages technology for innovation and operational efficiency. With a proven track record in transformative IT initiatives, he excels in aligning technology strategies with business objectives. Leading the IT function, Howard develops and executes comprehensive strategies, collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure technology investments align with organizational goals. Beyond managing IT operations, Howard proactively explores emerging technologies, implementing cutting-edge solutions that drive efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and unlock new revenue streams.

Terence Ronson
Founder and Managing Director Pertlink Limited

Terence Ronson, the pioneering force behind Pertlink, an IT consulting powerhouse based in Hong Kong, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 2000. His company is distinguished by its commitment to enhancing IT solutions, particularly for the hospitality and senior living industries. Terence's career began in the culinary world as a chef in London, a role that laid the groundwork for his eventual shift to hotel systems management in Asia in 1996. His expertise in technology has been instrumental in several award-winning projects across Hong Kong and other parts of Asia. Terence is active in professional circles and plays a key role in organizing Hotel TECH conferences. His reputation as a global speaker is well-established, and he is frequently consulted for his insights on technology in the hospitality and senior living sectors. Additionally, Terence is known for his popular blog, which shares valuable guidance on the 'Do's and Don'ts' of technology in these industries.

Nikkie Singh
Senior Vice President, APAC & Middle East, Shiji Group

Nikkie Singh, the Senior Vice President of Shiji for the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions, is a seasoned executive with a wealth of experience in these dynamic markets. With a proven track record of success in the technology sector, Nikkie serves as a pivotal force behind Shiji's achievements in APAC and the Middle East. Leading management, sales, and expansion initiatives, she is dedicated to fostering authentic strategic partnerships. Nikkie's commitment is evident in her deep understanding of clients' businesses, allowing her to deliver tailored solutions that address specific challenges. Her visionary leadership consistently elevates Shiji's presence in these vibrant and ever-evolving markets

Daniel Craig
Founder at Reknown Marketing

A former hotel general manager, author and marketing executive, Daniel Craig is the founder of Reknown, a Vancouver-based consultancy providing marketing strategy and services to hospitality and technology clients worldwide.


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