Shiji Enterprise Solutions

Shiji understands the importance of integrated technology for enterprise-level hotels and is committed to offering exactly that to its valued customers.

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Integration capabilities throughout the entire Shiji Group ecosystem


Enterprise-level solutions ranging from independent hotels to chain hotels scalability


Cloud-based platforms with mobility and reliable connectivity

Why Shiji Enterprise Solutions

The world of hospitality and its technology has been growing exponentially in the last few years. From boutique hotels to larger chain hotels, brands have been demanding more and more enterprise-level technology platforms to operate and maintain their hotel businesses. As enterprise hotel companies become even more global with the growth and ease of international travel, the need for fully integrated and uninterrupted connectivity within a hotel group’s technology becomes even more imperative. Shiji Group works with enterprise-level hotels around the world and services them with software and professional solutions for their property management systems. Shiji understands the importance of integrated technology for enterprise-level hotels and is committed to offering exactly that to its valued customers.

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PayBy (Contactless)

Shiji’s MyCheck, the hospitality industry’s leading mobile payment provider, offers the restaurant industry their enterprise-level platform PayBy, a seamless solution for requesting payments from guests in a digital, secure and user-friendly way. Commonly used for call centers and third-party payments, PayBy allows for hotels to deliver payment requests directly to a guest’s mobile device, fully branded, and supporting their preferred payment methods. With PayBy, MyCheck has developed the first guest payment request platform that is fully integrated to leading hotel PMS’ with end-to-end flow. In addition to traditional payment methods, PayBy also supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay and many more alternative payment methods, while being entirely encrypted. 

MayCheck PayBy (Contactless) shiji Group

Infrasys Enterprise Cloud POS

Built over two decades of point of sales experience and thousands of installations, Shiji’s Infrasys works on any hardware and with excellent support. Cloud-based, but offline capable makes it one of the most versatile and efficient enterprise systems on the market today. Fast, integrated and multi-lingual, Infrasys' intuitive user experience provides the best solutions for any scale hotel and restaurant chains. Having built point-of-sale platforms for over 7,000 outlets over two decades, Shiji’s Infrasys leads the market in serving busy restaurants using the best of the cloud to centralize management tasks and the experience of on-premise to focus staff attention on their guests.

Infrasys Enterprise Cloud POS Shiji Group


As the preferred choice for the world’s premier spas, hotels, resorts and leisure venues, Shiji’s Concept Spa & Leisure software is a bespoke, scalable and flexible enterprise platform designed to seamlessly manage business activities, reservations, client schedules and advanced group bookings. With customers in 58 countries and more than 3,000 modules installed worldwide at 700 separate sites, Concept’s solutions are built for enterprise hospitality companies with spas, hotels, resorts and leisure venues managed by state-of-the-art technology platforms.

Concept, Golf & Spa shiji Group


Shiji’s IcePortal provides customers with a centralized portal to easily manage all of their visuals and distribute them to thousands of online channels. The enterprise platform optimizes digital content and provides recommendations for achieving higher content quality scores. As the most powerful content management and distribution platform in the hospitality industry, IcePortal has direct feeds to the top 20 travel sites (GDS and major OTA’s) with an expanding global reach.

IcePortal, Take Control of Your Visuals Shiji Group

Distribución de Shiji

Shiji Distribution Solutions has been the premier online travel distribution platform for hotels and distributors connecting to the Chinese hospitality market. With a complete array of future-proofed distribution solutions, Shiji Distribution Solutions has been helping enterprise companies stay securely ahead of the curve. Today, over 80 hotel groups, 150+ distribution channels, 2,500+ independent hotels, and 24,000 properties are using the distribution platform to streamline their business through Shiji Distribution Solutions’ real-time exchange of comprehensive transactional data.

Shiji Distribution Integrations


Shiji Enterprise Solutions provides enterprise hotel companies with next generation, fully integrated technology solutions and changes the way hotel brands connect their systems. By placing the guest experience at the center of the technology stack, Shiji Enterprise Solutions enable hotels to increase the personalization of the guest experience and elevate operational efficiencies. If your hotel is open, Shiji support is open, standing by, ready to assist 24 hours a day, every day. Want to spend more time interacting with guests and less time worrying about your technology? Get in touch with us now.