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2017 Saludos de año nuevo de la junta directiva

A medida que dejamos 2016 atrás y nos adentramos en el nuevo año de 2017. Con motivo del Año Nuevo chino, permítanos, la Junta Directiva de Beijing Shiji Information ...

As we leave 2016 behind us and move into the new year of 2017. On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, please allow us, the Board of Directors of Beijing Shiji Information Technology Co., Ltd., to express our warm greetings to the coming festival, best wishes and sincere thanks to the partners, customers, investors and all Shiji employees who focus on the growth of the Company.

Looking back on the year of 2016, Shiji focused on accomplishing the transformation to the data-driven application platform service provider in big-consumption industry and carrying forward the growth on traditional IT services. Within this year, we focused the investments on retail IT solutions and kicked off the privatization of eFuture which marked the beginning of our retail solution business integration. We have made innovative progress on R&D and go-to-market for new generation of hotel and restaurants solutions based on cloud technology. After years of sustainable large investment, the hotel and restaurants solutions provided by Shiji have gained very positive recognition from global chain hotel groups for the state-of-the-art architecture and technologies in 2016. The ecosystem of Shiji’s cloud and data has been consummated by 100% owned Hetras, the leading cloud-based PMS/CRS provider in Europe, investing Snapshot GmbH, the big data platform for hotels, and acquiring ReviewPro, the hotel review management company. More importantly, all the investment has accelerated the platform strategy driven by data. The preliminary integration has been started for the newly-acquired subsidiaries of retail business, moreover, we have been exploring the financial and channel data services to the 3rd party companies based on the Shiji’s data platform. The cooperation between CHINAonline (COL) and distribution channels at home and abroad has been strengthened, meanwhile, the collaboration with Alitrip has increased the room nights significantly. From the perspective of payment business, Shiji provides segmented applications to different market and keeps the passion of extension and innovation, which has brought the explosive transaction increase on the platform integrated with Alipay, WeChat and other payment channels. Our payment platform is ready for serving massive customers and dealing with higher volume transactions with all-in-one technologies and service capabilities, which lays solid foundation of payment platform business in the year of 2017.

The new imaging of Shiji was required given the fact Shiji had brought the platform services to the market, and started our global business expantion, therefore, the brand-new logo and official website of Shiji were launched in noviembre, 2016. Shiji’s new logo highlights the Company’s name and removes the business focus, whilst at the same time, promotes the core business philosophy has not changed by using 7 dynamic spheres, inherited from an original grouping of 3 spheres. At the same time, the new logo enhances the meaning that data is Shiji’s core asset: 7 spheres, suggesting that data flows around Shiji, while the original 3 spheres represent chess pieces. Shiji will be no longer limited to its original network, software and technical services.

Looking forward to the year of 2017, Shiji will carry out the platform and globalization strategy agressively. We are living in an age in which the entire Big Consumption industry is being reformed by mobile, internet and cloud technology. Shiji will focus to accomplish the integration of retail IT solutions and finish the development of next new generation retail solutions platform. More investment will be put on the R&D of new generation hotel and restaurants IT solutions. Business data from IT systems of different business sectors, i.e., F&B, hotel, retail will be connected with Shiji’s business application platform by promoting data services provided by ReviewPro and Snapshot worldwide. We are on the way to be the leading data-driven application platform operator of local and even global big consumption industry.

Despite of whatever we've achieved and lost before, we'll step ahead agressively just like how we'd kicked off at the very beginning.

The Board of Directors will stand with all Shiji employees together to face all challenges we may have and strive to achieve our goals with the uttermost efforts and dedication.

By Board of Directors, Beijing Shiji Information Technology Co., Ltd.

On enero 25, 2017


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